Hair Tips: Ease Your Client's Short Hair Fears with These Tips from Pravana Stylist, Jamie Muniz


Recently, short haircuts have been cropping up all over Hollywood. Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Hudson have been spotted looking fabulous with stylish new 'dos. The look is officially a trend, with women across the country asking stylists to take off their old length in favor of stylish bobs and cute pixies. However, cutting off all her length may leave your client feeling somewhat hesitant, no matter how much she wants to copy Hollywood's fresh, new look. Here, Pravana stylist Jamie Muniz shares her tips to help ease your client's fears, and convince her to take the pixie plunge!

Damage Control
Celebrities face the challenge of maintaining healthy locks despite frequent, and oftentimes drastic, hair color changes that ultimately lead to over-processed, unhealthy hair. Actress Jennifer Lawrence recently commented that her new short hair look was a result of irreversibly damaged hair due to her numerous movie roles. Remind your client that if her hair is over-processed or unhealthy, that a short pixie can give her a fresh start.

Losing the Veil
Losing a good amount of length, especially if hair is damaged, can be very liberating but it can also leave a feeling of being exposed. Long hair often serves as a security blanket or veil for some, so short cuts work best for ladies who are comfortable with their features. Make sure your client is completely ready before you make the cut!

If your client is constantly running from place to place and always on the go, be sure to remind her that short can often be easier to style than long locks. However, despite what many customers believe, these cropped cuts do require daily attention as well. Talk with your client about which short style would best suit her facial features - for instance, shorter through the side cuts can draw up jaw and cheekbones, while short bobs work well on most face shapes - and be sure to give her tips on daily styling techniques!

With your careful guidance, your client can get the exact short hair look she wants without the hesitation that sometimes comes with drastic cuts. You can be sure that your client will leave the salon looking, and feeling, her absolute best!

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