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Hair Industry Leaders

Reuben Carranza Hair

Reuben Carranza, president of Olaplex

My main goal with the company is: To grow stylists’ and salons’ revenues via expanded services without the worry of breakage or damage thanks to Olaplex products.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: The innovations, the founder and the future.

I get inspired by: Music, visual arts, performing arts and nature.

I’m happiest when: I’m with family and friends, enjoying a great meal and good music.

My favorite way to unwind is: Watching The Real Housewives series.

My top vacation destination is: Paris.

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My favorite film is: Beaches.

My favorite song is: “Volver Volver” (a Mexican ballad).

My Starbucks order is: Venti coffee of the day, black.

I work in professional beauty because: It allows those involved to make an impact every single day.

Mary Kohatsu Hair

Mary Kohatsu, head of marketing for ColorProof Evolved Color Care

My main goals with the company are: To help drive explosive growth by creating a stronger emotional connection between stylists and consumers.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: My respect for ColorProof’s inspiring and forward-thinking founder, Jim Markham, and because the brand has immense untapped growth potential.

I get inspired by: Intellectual and creative challenges and the idea of making something great that moves people.

I’m happiest when: I’ve had a good night sleep.

My favorite way to unwind is: Listening to music.

My top vacation destination is: Turkey—what a diverse and beautiful country!

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My favorite television show is: Billions. I’m obsessed.

My favorite song is: Impossible to identify because the list is endless.

My Starbucks order is: I don't have one. But I like a good tequila.

I work in professional beauty because: The stylist community ​constantly fuels my creativity.

Johnny Ramirez Hair

Johnny Ramirez, brand ambassador for Redken

My main goal with the company is: To breathe life into the lived-in color mantra, because it’s not just a look—it’s a lifestyle.

The reason I chose to join this brand is: I’ve been using Redken since the beginning, so what better company to team up with? Redken is striving to change the hair game, just like I am.

I get inspired by: Natural, sun-kissed kids’ hair color.

I’m happiest when: I’m with my family.

My favorite way to unwind is: Disconnecting—I feel that it’s extremely important for any individual to take time in the day, even if it’s just five minutes, to turn off social media.

My top vacation destination is: Mexico City.

My favorite film is: Amores Perros.

My favorite song is: That’s a hard one! It really depends on my mood.

My Starbucks order is: I like black coffee with a hint of vanilla and some oat milk.

I work in professional beauty because: I should rephrase that, as I am beyond lucky to work in professional beauty. I came from an entirely different way of life in East Los Angeles, and going to cosmetology school was my way of creating a different life for myself. Success came from falling into what I love, years of hard work, having a vision, believing in myself, remembering to have fun, and having the best clients in the world.


[Images: top courtesy of Corey Sorensen; middle - ColorProof; bottom - Redken]

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