Style Director Mirza Batanovic on His Mentors and Finding His Tribe at Eufora

Mirza Batanovic Eufora

Mirza Batanovic, a trilingual nomad born in Bosnia with a stint in Germany and coast-to-coast U.S. jaunts, admits he’s “a bit of a gypsy at heart.”

Fittingly, his career path has been somewhat all over the place—in the best way possible—and started with humble beginnings. Post-high school, a short-term job as receptionist at a Denver chain salon turned into a lifelong calling. “I really loved the environment, but I think what really got me was the creative freedom,” Batanovic muses. “I’ve always been an ‘artsy’ guy, and in hairdressing we design the ultimate accessory—the one you grow yourself. For me, there’s something very organic about the art of hair.”

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Hairstylist Mirza Batanovic

Mentors on both coasts shaped the budding talent. After he emailed stylist Ammon Carver to ask for mentorship and a job, he spent nearly two years at Carver’s New York City salon. At only 22, Batanovic met Eufora cofounder Don Bewley, whom he credits for “raising” him in the industry (“easily the most inspiring mentor I’ve ever had,” Batanovic enthuses) and drawing him to education. At Eufora, he’d found his home—smitten with its engaging education, down-to-earth team and impressive product performance. “I genuinely believe in our mission and our products. I found my tribe!” Batanovic grins. “And I fell in love with education, sharing our systems and brand with other stylists. Eufora has become my family through and through.”

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In 15 years as a stylist, Batanovic has amassed a slew of accomplishments which include becoming one of the youngest members of the Eufora global team in 2011, only three years after joining the company; racking up publication credits and designing looks for New York Fashion Week; winning the North American Hairstyling Award in the Salon Team Category with Ammon Carver Studio in 2016; and being named style director at Eufora—a job that hadn’t previously existed. “Eufora has allowed me to carve out my own career trajectory and really contribute to the company; it’s been an incredible ride,” he reflects. “I couldn’t have predicted the things I’ve been able to do while with Eufora, so I can’t imagine where the next 10 years will take me. I feel very lucky!”

Mirza Batanovic Hair

Passion Plays

Batanovic shares some of his outside-the-industry passions.

Travel: I love to see how other countries and cultures function.

Food: I cook like I’m a chef, even though I’m definitely not!

Harry Potter: I have two tattoos to prove it, with a few more planned.


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