Renowned Stylist Angel del Solar Joins Method Alliance Team as Hair Icon

Image courtesy of Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Hairstylist and founder of Angelo Mendi Salons, Angel del Solar, was recently honored by Alan Benfield Bush as a Method Alliance International Hair Icon, becoming a member of the Method Alliance team. Says del Solar, "I always wanted to become respected as a salon industry mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed performing at the most recent Method Alliance Hair Icons event with Alan Benfield Bush and the other internationally recognized Hair Icons. Bush assembled and directed our design team to share important generic haircutting and professional salon business information without any product representation. It was inspiring to be on stage with Alan as well as to share his vision for the future of our salon industry."

Recognized by American Salon Magazine as "The Best In Youth" in the professional salon industry, del Solar has enjoyed many career successes across the globe. He has styled hair for many Hollywood celebrities at high-profile events such as the Oscars and the Emmys. He has styled the hair for the editors of more than fifty major magazines, including Allure, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Additionally, del Solar has worked at VIP, in-house, hands-on training sessions for top salons from Beverly Hills to New York City while also performing as a platform artist for the largest hair shows in the industry, and has been featured on national and international TV - from giving makeovers, to doing hair for fashion shows, to being highlighted in a Spanish lifestyle TV show about his life in the USA. He was a vital team member for Pureology/L’Oréal Artistic Team, and has been a facilitator in hair design at “The Redken Exchange” in New York, as well as Art Director for FHI Heat, Enjoy Haircare and HBL Haircare – Health, Beauty & Life.

In addition to his career achievements, del Solar is known for developing his own "Deconstruction Haircutting Method." The technique involves 3 stages: The first stage involves free-form hair design that mimics the work of a sculptor, something del Solar learned from Alexandre de Paris. The second involves precision haircutting techniques as taught by the Vidal Sassoon and Method Alliance teams, and the third is condensed haircutting, which is much like Method Alliance volumetrics developed by Alan Benfield Bush. Today, del Solar is strongly focused on teaching men’s grooming techniques. He has been actively holding up to 200 workshops per year across the USA for top high-end salons and barbers.

The Method Alliance educational team has gained respectability from top salon owners, hair design engineers, manufacturers and distributors alike. Launched by Alan Benfield Bush, The Method team actively provides valuable hair artistry and generic business education for hair design engineers, salon owners, distributors and manufacturers. With a team of internationally respected "Hair Icons" as educators, this very innovative non-branded and 100% generic approach is quickly being embraced by manufacturers, distributors, salon owners and hair design professionals.

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