Why Social Media is the New Business Card

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By Keya Neal (@keyaartistically)

Social media has become the biggest marketing tool available to businesses. Stylists have found social media to be their “digital resume” in lieu of business cards and, in some ways, even replacing websites. What happens when you meet someone who wants to know your information? Oftentimes, you ask, “Are you on IG?” Clients are going to social media as a means to find out information and communicate with you. Stylists can employ social media as a digital look book for their work by creating a storyboard that highlights their skills for those already following them. But more importantly—for stylists seeking to build their books—social media is how you can attract the clientele you want! Are you a blonding specialist? Post tons of blonde shots on your page. A men’s cutting expert? Upload those men’s looks, stat. Clients are flocking to social media—especially Instagram—to find out as much as they can about their potential stylist, and it’s up to you to provide all the information they need to make that connection and decision to come to your chair.

Clients want to know who you are, what you do best and if can you do it for them. Creating an accurate depiction online of who you are is key. It makes even more sense to share a little about yourself personally, as well as the core values of your business, to attract those who are aligned with your energy. It used to be taboo to share anything personal with clients, but as our world is changing, it’s becoming very important for people to get to know you to create the right level of expectation. People should get a feel for you and your culture through your feed.

Social media is a bit like speed dating: You have to put enough of yourself out there to attract the audience you want. Be yourself! Post your work, but add a little funny, a little lifestyle and a little motivation. One of the biggest things we forget most about social media is being social—remember to network. You need to talk to others to build connections. Your audience wants to know that there is a human behind those pictures and captions. It’s vital to stay connected to like-minded people in the industry to keep you motivated, stimulated and growing.

Remember: Your network is your networth.

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