The Aloxxi National Education Team Taps a Playful Pink Formulation

When tasked with creating a fresh look for clients eager to shift their shade for this latter part of the year, members of the Aloxxi national education team— Robertina Martinez, Michael Dueñas and Tommy Cole—were determined to channel an alluring rose hue that, though definitely attention-commanding, can also read more soft and subtle. The overall result: expressive, youthful vibes with sophisticated nuances.

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Robertina Martinez, Michael Dueñas, Tommy Cole

Get the look with these Aloxxi products!

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Formula A

Tones 10g. Clear + 2g. 6RK mixed 1:1 with 7 Volume H202 Creme Activator

Formula B

Tones 20g. Clear + 2g. Red Gem + 2g. Copper Gem mixed 1:2 with 7 Volume H202 Creme Activator

Formula C

Tones 20g. Clear + 2g. Red Gem + 3g. Copper Gem + 1g. Violet Gem mixed 1:2 with 7 Volume H202 Creme Activator

Formula D

Tones 15g. 10V + 5g. Violet Gem + 5g. Clear mixed 1:1 with 7 Volume H2O2 Creme Activator


1) Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment onto pre-lightened hair.

2) Create a pinwheel with nine sections starting at the crown and a crescent shape in the fringe.

3) Rotate application of Formulas A, B and C around the pinwheel.

4) Apply Formula D to the crescent in the fringe.

5) Develop, then rinse thoroughly and apply ColourLock Post-Color Finisher.


[Images: Courtesy of Aloxxi and Maarten De Boer]

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