30 Under 30 Hair Colorist: Amber Yancey

For the past seven years, we have celebrated the industry's brightest young talent—and 2019 is no different. More than 4,000 young colorists submitted to become a 30 Under 30 colorist, and we're thrilled to celebrate the winners with you! 

Amber Yancey named 2019 30 Under 30 Colorist

Amber Yancey@adlydesign, is 28 years old and works at Salon 104 in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She's a fan of bright, rainbow hair colors—and so are her 29k followers! 


Purple people eater Painted with at @pulpriothair Shine thanks to @brazilianbondbuilder

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Preferred color line: Pulp Riot

My goals: Become a Pulp Riot platform artist and educate with the brand internationally. 

My favorite technique right now: Anything prism—halo, over-directed, single panel. I love how a simple change in the direction of the color placement can make color flow so differently from normal melts of rainbow hair.   

Top color tip: Just remember, keep your head above the water! Oceans, pools and hot showers will fade hues, so clients should make dry shampoo their new best friend. 


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