10 Pro Tips for Slaying Special Occasion Hair

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After more than a year of canceled weddings, parties and galas, one thing is certain: When normalcy resumes, we will have a lot of celebrating to do. What does this mean for stylists? Expect clients to go all out on their hair. 

Anna Peters has shared her top 10 tips for creating stunning special occasion hair (SOH).  

  1. Organization: SOH takes a lot of tools/products, so create a tool kit that’s clean and organized by bundling tools, utilizing work belts and using magnetic wrist bands to keep pins in order.  Multipurpose tools such as the Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand are great because they can achieve multiple results with only one tool.
  2. Consultation: Good communication sets realistic expectations for desired looks and timelines, if there’s time for a trial, even better.
  3. Clean Dry Hair: No one wants dirty hair on their special day, ask clients to arrive with clean hair and little to no products in it.
  4. Build a Foundation: Starting with the right products and texture helps build shape and a solid foundation.
  5. Grip and Hold: Create major volume for interesting sculpting by compressing hair with a Sam Villa Signature Series Texur Professional Texturizing Iron.
  6. Anchors: Place braids and ponytails where strength is needed for hair/accessories to be pinned to.  It saves time and ensures the style will last!
  7. Product: When creating waves or curls, work with a styling product like Redken Iron Shape 11 for heat protection and hold. Then, clip in the set with Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips to allow curls to cool completely without leaving dents.
  8. Brushes: Utilizing the right brush for the desired control and finish can be a game changer. Increase polish and maintain volume while smoothing hair with the 100% boar bristle Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush.
  9. Lock it in: Always end with a finishing spray for either hold, high shine, a matte finish or texture.
  10. Accessories: Accessories help tell a story, and nothing says SOH like a beautiful pin, flowers or combs adorned with pearls or stones.
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