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Savannah Milner discusses how she uses Malibu C to enhance her color transformations. Powered by Malibu C.

Photo: Peyton Daniels; hair and makeup: Savannah Milner
Photo: Peyton Daniels; hair and makeup: Savannah Milner

For Malibu C artist Savannah Milner (@blondinggenie), utilizing the brand to boost her color results is a no-brainer. “For big color changes I must have my Malibu C Wellness Remedies—which enhance any color change—and Salon Scale,” she says. “I measure everything with my Salon Scale, which tells me how much product I’m using per client—including the markup for backbar tools. It holds on to all formulas and client information, including inventory!”

Courtesy of Malibu C.Courtesy of Malibu C.When Milner’s client, Grace Peterson [shown in these accompanying photos] sat in her chair with damaged hair, but longing for a new hue, Milner turned to her tried-and-true Malibu C products to create the transformation. “Since Grace’s hair was damaged and had porosity issues, I first used Un-Doo-Goo Shampoo and Crystal Gel to balance the pH, equalize as much porosity as possible, and remove mineral buildup that could keep the color from penetrating properly or having a chemical reaction—and maybe cause more damage,” Milner relates. “After coloring, I used De-Ox to stop the oxidation, which I find helps the color last longer as well. Then, I shampooed with Hydrate Color Wellness Shampoo—infused with color-lock technology—and finished with all three of our Concentr8 mixers for protein, moisture and shine. I also employed Concentr8 Klay; it basically works to encapsulate the colors so you can freehand and not have to worry about bleeding.” Check out Milner’s stunning results here, and to learn more about Malibu C, log on to and follow the brand @malibucpro.

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