Colorazzi: Jane Seymour

Color by celeb beauty pro and philanthropist Marie Ferro, owner of Marie’s Hair Studio in SoCal’s exclusive Malibu Colony.

Photo: John Shearer, WireImage

Jane Seymour’s lovely, long locks are strictly the domain of Marie Ferro, who has kept them colored and conditioned to perfection for the past 13 years. “Jane is a wonderful human being who supports many charities throughout the world, and is a great champion of women in many capacities,” notes Ferro. “We’ve become friends over the years; I find her to be an incredible inspiration in terms of her integrity, loyalty and support. Because I cannot travel and maintain a salon at the same time, Jane has her hair styled by many ’dressers while traveling the globe, but she always manages to come to me every three weeks for her haircolor and rejuvenating hair treatments.”

Colorazzi Formula:
David Robin Munn, master colorist for Van Michael Salon

Haircolor: Aveda

Base: Full-Spectrum Permanent, 40 ml 6N, 2 ml Dark N/N, 2 ml Dark YO, 1 ml Dark R/O + 20-volume developer
Dimensional Colorations:
Highlights: 40 ml Enlightener + 20-volume developer
Lowlights: Full Spectrum Deposit Only Color Treatment, 40 ml 7N, 6 ml Light Y/O, 2 ml Light O/R + 40 ml Color Treatment Activator
Toner/Glaze: Full Spectrum Deposit Only Color Treatment, 40 ml 10N, 2 ml Light Y/O, 1 ml Light O/R + 40 ml Color Treatment Activator
Prework: Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution
After Care: Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner; Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

[for•mu•la bar]: 

Haircolor: Goldwell
Natural Level: 6
Existing Haircolor: 1⁄2” regrowth
Hair Texture: Medium-fine
Hair Condition: Healthy, slightly porous ends
Prework: Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment (1 week prior to service); Malibu Wellness Actives Color Prepare and Goldwell System Pre-Color (day of service) (gold blonde) + 10-volume developer

Base: Topchic, 10 ml 6N/NN (dark blonde), 5 ml 7N/NN (medium blonde), 15 ml 7GB (beige blonde), 10 ml 8G
Dimensional Colorations:
Highlights: Topchic, 10 ml 11N (special natural blonde), 3 ml Blonding Cream + 40-volume developer
Lowlights: Topchic, 5 ml 8G (gold blonde), 8 ml 7KR (copper blonde), 8 ml 7KG (medium copper blonde) + 10-volume developer
Toner/Glaze: Colorance, 15 ml 8GB (light beige blonde), 15 ml 9KG (light copper gold), 10 ml Clear + Colorance Lotion


  1. Shampoo and apply Malibu Wellness Actives Color Prepare. Shampoo and completely dry hair.
  2. Apply Goldwell System Pre-Color.
  3. Divide hair into 5 sections: 2 back sections, 2 side sections, and 1 pie-shaped section from the crown to the tops of the temples.
  4. Using foils, alternate fine weavings of the Base and Lowlights formulas throughout the back sections.
  5. Alternate fine weavings of the Lowlights and Highlights formulas throughout the top section, ending with the Highlights formula.
  6. Finely weave the side sections using the Highlights formula for the first foil nearest the face, then alternating Base and Lowlights formulas.
  7. Apply Base formula between foils at the regrowth only. Process entire haircolor until base is a natural golden brown; lowlights are copper, golden red; and highlights are natural, sun- kissed blonde.
  8. Shampoo and towel-dry hair. Apply Toner/Glaze formula and process for 10 minutes.
  9. Treat hair with Phyto Phytocitrus Vital Radiance Shampoo and Mask.


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