Hair Restoration: Interview with Hair Loss Specialist Bill Edwards

Hair Loss

We talk to Bill Edwards, CEO of Regenix, about hair restoration, hair loss and prevention.

What are the most common causes of hair loss?

The most common causes we see for hair loss are genetics, aging, hormones, stress and medications. For women, a major contributor is over processed, chemically dyed hair. 

Are there any preventative measures that people can take to prevent hair loss before it starts or when they first notice it?

Absolutely.  Especially if you’re predisposed genetically, you need to not only prevent it but take measures to make sure it doesn’t get worse. A huge part of prevention is making sure the environment is clean and healthy – both the surface of the scalp as well as the follicles.   Proper scalp hygiene is critical to prevent hair loss and consumers need to be wary that some products make it worse. 

For women who color their hair, there is a solution to protect their hair each time they visit the salon. It’s actually a Regenix product called Follicle Guard (we’re not in all salons just yet).  Follicle Guard does just that – it guards the follicle.  Stylists massage it onto a client’s scalp before any color is applied. 

Do some people’s genetic predispositions make them destined for baldness no matter what preventative steps they take?

No, you don’t have to be destined for baldness if you identify it early on and neutralize the negative genetic influence and prevent future thinning. 

One thing to note, you tell someone genetics can be the cause for hair loss and they immediately think it’s Mom’s fault since a key gene for baldness; the X chromosome, comes from your mother.  While it plays a part, it’s not the only genetic favor since men with bald fathers have a greater chance of going bald compared to men whose fathers have a full head of locks.  Having baldness in your family can foreshadow an issue but there’s always the opportunity to prevent it before it starts.  

What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hair loss?

Once you notice the thinning, you need to start right away to treat it.  Those with balding often don’t see the early signs and grow hair so thin and weak that it’s too late to treat.  They also gravitate to brands that sell them on quick fixes. But the reality is it can take time to stop hair loss and activate hair thickening.  Some brands even use chemicals to swell the hair to make it appear thicker.  This actually can cause more thinning since it’s a fake bandage, not a permanent solution.

Another big mistake is that people don’t realize the impact stress can have on their hair.  Most people don’t even put two and two together because hair loss from stress can occur anywhere from six weeks to three months after an event such as divorce, death or a financial crisis.  

What tips do you have for those completing chemotherapy on helping them begin to grow healthy hair again?

We don’t recommend any treatment until about nine months after chemotherapy because you need to see how the hair grows back.  Chances are it will be normal. If the new hair grows back weaker, we recommend exploring a natural solution, like Regenix, which has no drugs, chemicals and is side effect free. 

How does Psoriasis affect hair loss and do you have any tips for getting Psoriasis under control?

Psoriasis happens when the surface conditions and the tissue is not being exfoliated properly and the follicle becomes clogged.  Sebum, your body’s natural oil, gets trapped below the surface.  When the surface becomes unhealthy, the follicle becomes unhealthy – thinning occurs. 

What steps do you recommend to your clients to fight hair loss once they already have it?  

The Regenix 3 Stage System is a non-surgical, non-drug custom treatment program, made with natural, effective ingredients that work both above and below the surface of the scalp. The goal is to create a healthier environment for hair growth while preventing further hair loss by stopping the deteriorative process.

Because no two scalps are alike, Regenix is not a generic, one-formula-fits-all product. It’s personalized to your scalp. In fact, there are hundreds of possible custom combinations of our naturally-derived liquid bio-pharmaceuticals. To get the right treatment, we need to first look below the surface of your scalp by analyzing strands of your hair under a microscope. Then we look at your health profile and lifestyle for personalized care. Treatments are massaged into the scalp three times per week. Our program rebuilds hair in three steps: 1. Cleanse the scalp. 2. Stabilize the follicle and 3. Hair thickening stage. Regenix is drug-free, unlike common brands that contain Finasteride or Minoxidil, has no side effects and works for both men and women of all ages.

We have been treating clients and researching hair loss, hair thinning and scalp issues for the last 30 years at our Beverly Hills clinic located at Cedars- Sinai Medical Office Towers.After much consumer demand, we opened our clinic nationwide with our at-home treatment system and line of Hygiene products at

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