Pump Up The Volume With Sam Villa's Prom Look

Prom F

Prom season is on its way! Make sure that your clients' looks are unforgettable with volume as high as the volume on the dance floor! Anna Peters for Sam Villa says, “Keep the height towards the front of the head instead of the back and it will be fresh, current and nothing like grandma’s beehive.”

Play the texture up too with the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Textur Iron.  It imparts expansive texture that not only builds beauty and control, but serious volume that can stand strong all night long!   Lock in the volume with these simple steps:

  • Prep hair with Redken iron shape 11 for maximum heat protection and style memory. Mist evenly over each section before using press the iron down on each section creating light airy texture. Continue all over the head.
  • Brush through hair using a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush – this really pumps up the VOLUME!
  • Isolate a large triangle section that stretches from the corner of the left eye to the corner of the right eye and close it at the high point of the head. Clip out of the way.
  • Softly brush hair away from the face and up to the center back of the head.  Create a French twist and pin into place.
  • Take horizontal sections through the triangle and slightly back comb towards the high point of the head. Pinch and pull towards the front for desired height and pin ends into the top of the French twist.
  • Spray with Redken Control Addict 28 for a little extra insurance

[Images courtesy of Sam Villa]

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