How To Soften Ends by Donald Scott

Image: Donald Scott NYC

In the latest installment of his online educational campaign, Donald Scott, founder and chief creative hair artist of Donald Scott NYC, demonstrates how to soften the ends when cutting your client's hair. Using his exclusive razor technique, Scott is able to create cuts with movement, dimension and texture. To get the effect of a soft, wispy look, Scott suggests using the Carving Comb on the ends of hair in a rapid back and forth cutting motion. Using a razor instead of shears with this technique results in long and short pieces of hair for added texture to the otherwise blunt line.



Get the Look:

  1. Prepare the hair with 2-3 mists of Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide to wet hair for ultimate slip, glide and finish.
  2. Hold the hair with 1 ½ inches exposed between two fingers.
  3. Using both cutting sides of your Carving Comb, use a rapid back and forth motion until the ends are softened and textured.
  4. Continue as needed for weightless movement and definition.


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