Teen Choice Awards: Willow Shields, Rowan Blanchard & Ashley Benson


At the recent Teen Choice Awards, actresses Willow Shields (The Hunger Games), Rowan Blanchard (Girl Meets World), and Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) walked the red carpet looking gorgeous in stylish attire and beautiful hair. While Sheilds rocked a super-sleek, side-parted look, Blanchard sported a fun, pretty ponytail, and Benson looked stunning in shiny, flowing waves. Get the how-tos for each hairstyle, below!

WillowshieldsGet the Look: Willow Shields
Hairstylist: Cooper

1. Section air-dried hair with T3 alligator clips.

2. Beginning at the nape of the neck, flat iron hair with T3 SinglePass.

3. Unclip the top section and create a deep side part.

4. Finish look by straightening the top section. For added sleekness, place the T3 SinglePass iron as close to the root as possible.

Expert Tip: "It can be tricky flat-ironing someone with thick wavy hair; the toughest part is the top section. This iron allowed me to get close to the root and ensured that I styled every piece of hair," said Cooper.


Get the Look: Rowan Blanchard
Hairstylist: Laurie Heaps

1. Prep second day hair with texturizing spray.

2. Dampen the hair slightly and use the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer to create volume at the roots and add smoothness and shine.

3. Using a comb, tease the top of the head and, using hands, smooth hair back into the desired shape. Secure ponytail with elastic.

4. Hide the elastic by wrapping and pinning a small section of hair around it.

5. Add additional texture by wrapping random pieces of hair around the 1.5” barrel of the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand.

Expert Tip: Leave wisps out at the side for an "undone" look.

484294640Get the Look: Ashley Benson
Hairstylist: Kylee Heath

"We wanted her look to be fresh and effortless, so we decided to do the hair not straight, not wavy - just undone and cool," said Kylee.

1. Starting on damp hair, apply Uberliss Rituoil and comb it through, creating a center part.

2. Blow-dry hair with a boar bristle round brush.

3. Once the hair is dry, smooth out any fly-aways using the Uberliss Ultra Pro flat iron from roots to ends, to create a healthy, shiny look.

4. Follow with a 2-inch curling iron to add bend to the hair.

5. Once the texture is set, tease at the roots for some volume.

6. To complete the look, add a small amount of the Uberliss RituOil for additional shine throughout.

[Images: Getty Images/Jason Merritt & Jon Kopaloff]

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