Spring Wedding Beauty Forecast: Hot Tips and Trends from Cristophe Salon


BridalhairSpring marks the official beginning of "wedding season" - the time of year when many brides are preparing for their upcoming spring and summer weddings. For beauty pros, this means it's time to refresh your skills when it comes to bridal beauty. As Cristophe Salon Newport Beach owner Scott Fontana knows, a bride’s beauty choices are at the top of her priority list when planning, and you'll want to make sure that she looks absolutely gorgeous on her big day.

“If [your guest is] planning on changing [her] look before [her] upcoming wedding, take into consideration [her] skin tone and eye color,” said Scott Fontana. “Hair color acts as a base for the rest of [her] look and has the power to impact many other features. For example, certain shades can bring out particular eye colors and flatter certain skin tones while other shades can wash a person out completely. It is important to remember that when updating [her] look for an upcoming seasonal wedding, start with [her] hair color while analyzing [her] skin and eye color.”

Below, Scott Fontana and Cristophe Salon’s bridal expert, Cindy Wade, share their 2015 bridal beauty trend forecast; expect to see clients requesting these looks as wedding season gets underway!


Clean Side Parts
“A timeless look for any bride. Try a clean side part with soft waves, sleek and straight hair or a loose up-do,” says Cindy.

40s Style Waves
“Perfectly styled, voluminous waves was the trend for women in the 40s. This continues to be an elegant, polished look that can be worn with or without a veil,” says Scott.

Bohemian Braiding
“Each season brings a new braiding trend. This season, romantic bohemian braids are in. Braids across the hair line, high braided crowns and side swept braids are perfect for brides having a chic outdoor wedding or casual indoor wedding,” says Cindy.

“Brides are looking to extensions for added volume and length. With plenty of options available, extensions are the perfect way to create a sexy, yet classic look,” says Scott.


Bold Red Lips
“Red lips are in all year round, but this look is proving to be especially popular this wedding season. If done correctly, this bold look is sophisticated and gorgeous with any crisp, white wedding dress,” says Scott.

Clean, Porcelain-Like Skin
“Heavy makeup is out. Brides are opting for a clean, porcelain like look for their skin on their wedding day. Opt for a light blush and powder for an innocent beauty look,” says Cindy.

Simple Eyeliner
“Going with the clean skin trend, easy and simple eye makeup is also in trend this season. A touch of eyeliner really draws attention to the bride’s features and beauty on the big day,” says Scott.

Cristophe Salon offers bridal beauty packages for hair, makeup and nail services. To make an appointment for your big day, visit http://www.cristophenb.com or call (949) 219-0920.

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