Hair Styles HOW TO: Bridal Makeover: Marie from Diadema

63267 22 Princess Bride Final

Salon: Diadema
Art Director:  Fabio Messina
Photography:  Andrea Rainoldi
Makeup:  Cristina Marzo per 20100Milano


Step 1:  Isolate the crown area.

Step 2:  Make a high central ponytail that includes the sides.

Step 3:  Secure the ponytail and position a hair pad.

Step 4:  Divide the ponytail horizontally at the halfway point and cover the pad with the lower half.

Step 5:  Place another pad on the ponytail.

Step 6:  Cover the pad by folding the ponytail over and securing it in place.

Step 7:  Divide the front section in half.

Step 8:  Divide the front section in half.

Step 9:  Pin into place on the back of the hairdo.

Final Photo:





Step 1:  Divide from ear to ear.

Create a slightly diagonal division in the back, from above the right ear to under the left ear.

Then make a ponytail.

Step 2:  Position a pad along the slant, to the right and below the ponytail.

Step 3:  Cover the pad with the ponytail.

Step 4:  Make a straight division of 2cm (1in) along the left side and pass it along the side of the chignon/bun.

Step 5:  Make another slightly slanting division to the left, and pass it over and under the ponytail.

Step 6:  With the crown section, create 4 slanting divisions and pin them to the ponytail creating loops.

Step 7:  Continue in the same way, and pin all the loops to the pad.

Step 8:  Bring the left side up and pin it in flat loops.

Step 9:  Secure the right side to the side of the ponytail, creating one flat loop.

Step 10:  Continue in the same way with the crown.

Final Photos


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