Hair Styles HOW TO: Bridal Makeover: Chloe from Diadema

Final Shot

Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion

Photography: Stephano Bidini

Makeup: 20100 Milano


Step 1:  Divide hair from ear to ear.

Step 2:  Create a triangle parting in back on top that meets the crown of the head.

Step 3:  Make a 1 1/2 inch section in the middle back of the hair.

Step 4:  Backcomb slightly, twist section and secure with pins at the top section.

Step 5:  Starting at bottom, take a section of hair from left side and pin to opposite side forming a small banana shape.

Step 6:  Continue step 5 on each side until all hair has reached the top section.

Step 7:  Pin the sides of hair up to the top section leaving front fringe area free.

Final Photos:


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