Jennifer Lawrence's "The Hunger Games" Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently visited several key cities (Plantation, FL; Bloomington, MN and Seattle, WA) to promote the release of the film. Hairstylist David Babaii created her looks for each stop creating modern day Brigitte Bardot inspired looks.

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On March 8, 2012 in Plantation, FL for the Broward Mall, hairstylist David Babaii created a high flirty ponytail. To achieve, David applied IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Style Mousse Extra Strong to damp hair and blow dried with a medium round brush concentrating at the root area to achieve maximum volume and lift. After the root area was dry, he continued drying the hair and creating soft curls with a small round brush. To achieve, he took sections and wrapped them around a small round brush, placing the nozzle directly on the wrapped section and holding for 8-10 seconds on high heat followed by a blast of cool air. This sets the curl in place and leaves the sections in soft curled waves. The fringe was dried with a large round brush to smooth. Next, he sprayed her tresses with IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Definition Hairspray to control the hair while brushing it up into a very high ponytail and securing with a coated band. With a tail comb, he lifted the top area gently from the ponytail to create a Brigitte Bardot bump for some height. To finish he finger combed the ponytail using IT&LYn HAIRFASHION's Pure Texture Spray to add soft disconnected curls.

On March 9, 2012 in BLOOMINGTON, MN at the National Mall Tour, David Babaii created a half up, half down Brigitte Bardot look. To begin, he added IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Fluid Experience for a medium soft hold. After drying her hair using his fingers to create defined texture, the fringe was smoothed straight with slight volume by using a large round brush. Next, he took the top and sides lifting them slightly before securing with pins for a slight bump. The bottom section was curled with a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves. To finish he finger combed the hair with IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Definition Hairspray to loosen the waves with a medium holding spray.

On March 10, 2012 in Seattle, WA, hairstylist David Babaii created a Bohemian Brigitte Bardot. To achieve, David sprayed IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Texture throughout the hair prior to blow drying. Using a large round brush, he blow dried the hair in sections creating loose spiral waves. The fringe area was dried with a medium round brush cupping the ends under. When he was finished with the dry styling, he warmed a small amount of IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Definition Paste in his hands and ran through her hair to create soft piecey texture and definition. To finish, he lightly sprayed the style with IT&LY HAIRFASHION's Pure Definition Hairspray.


[Image: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images Entertainment]

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