Jaguar Launches Two New Shear Sets

Inside of the Good Vibes Kit
Inside of the Good Vibes Kit
Courtesy of JAGUAR

Jaguar is set to launch two new kits made for stylists and aspiring stylists: the Good Vibes Kit and the Scissors Set.

The Good Vibes Kit is created for the aspiring stylist, offering entry-level shears, razor and comb all made from German steel.

The Scissor Kit is a set of shears and a thinner, along with a razor and blades—a great option to add to any existing shear portfolio.
Good Vibes Kit includes:

    • Pre Style Relax Shears
    • Pre Style Relax 28 Thinners
    • Blue Razor with metal blade
    • 10 replacement blades 
    • Cutting Comb
    • Leather holster bag    

      Scissors Set includes:

        • Pre Style Relax 28 Thinner Offset 5.5"
        • Razor
          • 10-pack razor blades
          • Felt bag
          • Pre Style Relax Shears Offset 5.5"
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