Gama Professional Launches Next-Gen Blowdryer: iQ2

Gama Professional iQ2
Gama Professional iQ2
Courtesy of Gama Professional

Gama Professional has launched its latest hair tool, the iQ2 blowdryer.

The iQ2 weighs only 0.65 pounds and features washable, micro-perforated filters that remove the accumulation of dust and micro bacteria. 


  • Magnetized and washable filters are designed to prevent dirt particles from settling in the engine and reaching the skin, while also ensuring greater engine resilience
  • New turbo function increases airflow by bringing the engine to a maximum speed of 120,000 rpm for 30 seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Magnetized Venturi nozzle creates a homogeneous airflowideal for those with fine or damaged hair
  • iQ Standby Technology can be automatically deactivated when it is placed on the GAMA Smart Pad, allowing efficient management of usage in order to reduce energy waste
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