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Interview with Katherine Maddox

Sometimes it’s all about getting back to your roots, even if it’s because your employer doesn’t allow fun colors! Check out this transformation from fun, vibrant pink to a beautiful, natural golden blonde using a few key products from our Corrective Color Toolbox. Katherine Maddox (@katherineraehair) breaks down her passion for Malibu C, her favorite products, and her process for us, detailing step-by-step this stunning transformation.

First things first: Why did you start using Malibu C?

I started using Malibu C after I melted off my best friend’s hair (true story)!

What is your all-time favorite Malibu C product, and why?

My go-to and all-time fave product is CPR. Not only does it do what Crystal Gel does, but it’s on steroids and helps remove color with zero damage! It’s non-oxidative!

What are your favorite stylers?

I am an equal-opportunity product user, but my top five go-to products are always going to be Malibu C Leave-in Mist, Olaplex#6, AIIR Professional Texture Mousse, Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex, and Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair. So if you’ve ever been in my chair, I’ve probably used these on you!

Do you have any tips and tricks for new users?

Get in the Malibu Academy and do the modules! They have so much info! Watch our YouTube videos and join our online forum for so much amazing info. Also, when you can come see us, take a class at a hair show! If you take classes from different instructors, you’ll learn something new every single time because we all teach differently!

Will you walk us through your process on this gorgeous color transformation?

I started by shampooing with Un-Do-Goo. I applied Color Disruptor under heat for 30 minutes, then layered CPR on top and processed for 45 minutes under heat. I shampooed out three times, five minutes each time. I glossed with PulpRiot Rapid Toner in Ash for three minutes 1:3 with Trionics No Lift, just to shift some residual pink left around the hairline.

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How much did it cost, and how did you calculate the total?

Her total was $146.17 with product cost and my time. I used SalonScale to measure my product cost, which came to $33.67; this process took 2.5 hours of my time. I separate my parts and labor to make sure I charge accurately. Services like this should be charged hourly.

If you have not tried SalonScale, do it! Knowing exactly what you use to the penny is so helpful for pricing and making sure you are covering your costs!

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Any final comments to new or Malibu-curious stylists?

It’s so important to incorporate Malibu C into your services. We did the pink in these photos the first week of November. Her job doesn’t allow fun colors but they allowed them until the first of the year. I knew with confidence I could get this color out of the hair with no damage and easily with Malibu C. During her original appointment when she went pink, we used PulpRiot Cupid and Candy, and Matrix Flamenco Fuschia.

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