Smart Step Premium Salon Mats: Balancing Work and Life from the Bottom Up

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In today’s career-driven world, we are no strangers to long hours or grueling workdays. Always looking to get the most from each day, we strive to squeeze in as much as possible to live a full, happy and healthy life. Stylists know this struggle all too well as they keep a full appointment, social and home calendar. Smart Step Salon Mats can help beauty professionals achieve their goals of creating a healthy, work-life balance.

Shooting for the perfect mix of financial success combined with emotional, mental and physical wellbeing can be a challenging endeavor. The strain and stress of long days spent standing on hard surfaces can make other tasks and responsibilities seem daunting. With pain and soreness in the back, hips, knees and/or feet, who wants to then go to meet friends, go to the gym, play at the park with their child or pet or even take care of household chores? How do you make sure you have the energy and strength to do more outside of the salon? The solution: Smart Step Premium Salon Mats.

With many tools and practices in the salon, ergonomic options have been developed to address the challenges that stylists face throughout their workday. Shears, blow dryers and other tools have been revolutionized to make jobs easier and aid in preventing burnout. However, to truly address ergonomic needs and create a healthy work environment, you need to start with the floor and look at what you stand on.

Smart Step Premium Salon Mats offer unmatched comfort and support, effectively suspending the body weight and reducing the impact of gravity on the joints. Helping prevent or alleviate the common musculoskeletal disorders of the salon industry. Unlike other mats, Smart Step Salon Mats are made with 100% pure polyurethane that is 100% made in the USA and backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty. There is no “kitchen sink” list of ingredients that not only break down over time but also provide little-to-no actual anti-fatigue support — only an American-made, proprietary polyurethane formulation will perform and truly last.

While many stylists may have avoided the “ugly” mats that were boring, had edges that rolled up and caused unsightly and dangerous trip hazards, Smart Step Premium Salon Mats edges will never curl, bubble up, delaminate, compress or lose their supportive capabilities. With several styles and collections, mats do not have to be eye sores but can instead be aesthetic extensions of your style that provide bonus relief when standing all day.

Smart Step Premium Salon Mats are not only gorgeous and beautiful to look at, but they are also easy to sweep and clean and boast several features that make them a dream for your space. The unique Cart-Path design allows you to move your cart easily and safely without tipping. These edges are specifically designed to provide a 3-inch gradual 14-degree bevel for smooth transitions. Plus, with the 4’ depth in some sizes, you can stand on the side of the client with both feet safely on the mat, reducing the strain and discomfort of uneven standing.

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The potential emotional, mental and physical consequences of not taking care of yourself are high in the salon industry. By ensuring you have a Premium Standing Solution underfoot, you help prevent burnout and extend the life of your career and your wellbeing.

Visit SmartStepSalonMats.com to learn more about prioritizing a healthy, work-life balance with the only Premium Standing Solutions, Smart Step Premium Salon Mats.


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