Results: Have you seen Y2K aesthetics play a recent role in the looks your clients have been asking for at the salon?

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Y2K trends are back, which means butterflies, maximalism, low rise jeans and more. 

But have these trends been influencing what clients ask for at the salon? From claw clips, butterfly clips, space buns and face framing layers, there's plenty of ways Y2K trends can manifest themselves in the hair salon.

In a recent poll posted to its website and socials, Beauty Launchpad asked its followers if they have seen Y2K aesthetics and trends influence the looks and styles their clients ask for at the salon.

You can see the results of the poll below. To cast your vote in our weekly polls, stay tuned for new polls to be posted to our website every Tuesday at 8:30AM CST and on our Instagram stories (@beautylaunchpad) the same day. 

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