Sara Tomich on How Wella Professionals Can Support Your Learning Journey

Sara Tomich Wella

Change is inevitable. How you adapt to that change is optional. In this industry we have countless opportunities to create change and help people feel better about themselves. I have the privilege and honor to be part of a brand leading that change in the beauty industry by being the voice for the salon professional. If you would have told me when I first started out as a hairstylist 20 years ago that I’d be living my dream, I might not have believed you! I encountered times in my career where I questioned whether I was on the right path, yet I always gravitated toward education. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that education is the pillar of everything in life; I wouldn’t be here if not for the people who supported, mentored, coached, and shared their knowledge with me. Paramount to the experience: creating connections and learning from the people who you meet along the way and working with a company that shares the same values.

Wella Professionals isn’t just a company—it’s a family with a rich history and respect for the craft. We are a diverse team of highly skilled professionals filled with passion for education and learning. We strive for excellence through our innovation, inspiration and collaborations with the hairdressing community. Our partnerships with pros and commitment to the industry have created unbreakable bonds and innovations that drive the professional into the future. No matter what part of your career journey you’re on, we’re here for you.

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The people behind Wella Professionals products are what really matter. Our talented team of signature artists consists of inspiring professionals who embody the true spirit and heart of the hairdresser, remain dedicated to the mastery of the craft, and hold the highest technical expertise. They touch thousands of professionals to help them to develop their capabilities through technical and business coaching. Additionally, our extensive network of brand educators spans more than 300 nationally. Their passion and love of Wella Professionals keeps us connected to all levels of stylists.

We welcome all salon pros to our Wella World Studio locations in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Our seminars are designed to maximize the learning experience, elevate technical skills and inspire through one-on-one education such as our Master Color Expert program, which is made for and by those who strive for excellence and mastery, or the TrendVision Beauty Envision Awards, where stylists have the opportunity to influence the industry. Through ongoing mentorship, we offer the highest degree of one-on-one coaching to help ensure individual success.

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Whether you are fresh out of cosmetology school or an established professional, we have a strong online community through Wella Education, where you can learn straight from industry pros and find tools to accelerate your career. We want to reach you through our most innovative Studio seminars, personalized in-salon classes or digitally.

Speaking of innovations, haircolor is extremely personal and I’m proud of our Koleston Perfect, my favorite permanent haircolor! We’ll continue to think of the future of hairdressers through our technology and inspiring color palette.

Sara Tomich's top tips for being an effective educator.

• Have fun and live in the moment! It’s easy to become bogged down with the day-to-day tasks; take time and celebrate even the smallest wins.

• Be open and flexible to new ideas, perspectives and ways of doing things.

• Formulate a plan yet remember to have fun.

• Make an effort to share your time with others.

• Learn your strengths and embrace your opportunity areas. • Share your successes and lessons you learn along the way. • Take risks—you never know what will happen until you try.

• Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! You can’t do everything on your own. Stay connected and ask for help.

• Have gratitude for all the good, bad and challenging experiences—all of these trials help shape you.

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