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With locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto, Wella Studios is dedicated to providing transformational learning experiences in world-class destinations. Led by industry-recognized signature studio artists, seminars to elevate your craft are offered year-round in color, cut, styling, business, and nails. Custom programs and individual trainings are also available to meet a variety of customer needs. “We cultivate our professional community by building confidence and mastery through the exploration and practice of our craft,” says Sandra Arthur, director of North America studios and operations. “Growth and success are achieved as professionals bring a renewed energy to making their clients’ true beauty come alive. We invite all stylists to consult with our team  and design their unique personal learning journeys.”

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The Path to Becoming a Master Color Expert

Join our global community of Wella Professionals top colorists as we elevate the industry! The Master Color Expert Program offers you a personal journey to enrich your knowledge and perfect your craft. You’ll transform through our expert mentoring and hands-on training, and move forward with the confidence to change your life and take your business to new heights.

The Master Color Program Path

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"The Master Color Expert Program has really given me knowledge, confidence and structure within my business.” —Brenton Lee, Wella master color expert, salon owner/colorist Brenton Lee Salon USA.

"Mastery doesn’t happen overnight, but starts off slowly and builds on itself. I love being part of the Master Color Expert Program because you can track your progress and develop with the help of the studio trainers and fellow students.” —Victoria Thurman-Hall, Wella signature studio artist, master color expert.

“The MCE program has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. Their knowledge & compassion have truly impacted my life!” -Emily Rorlando, Master Color Expert.

“After MCE, I increased my service sales 41% in just one year!” - Jackie Timpone, Master Color Expert/Mania Hair Salon.

“One of the best things about the MCE program is that you meet other people that then become your team, really. And you’re almost on this journey together.” -Issie Churcher, Master Color Expert


What would becoming a master color expert mean to you? Start your journey now!

To learn more, view the calendar and/or book, visit wellaed.com. Stylists can also call 800.422.2336 or email [email protected].

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