Moments of Zen

Moment of ZenCleanliness may be next to godliness, but clean hair and a relaxed mind is truly heaven on Earth.

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Each morning, she’s jolted awake by the persistent buzzing of her bedside alarm. From that point on, her day is filled with deadlines, noise, traffic, pollution, stress and responsibilities. Sure, every couple of months she’s able to take a break and relax in your chair for some much needed TLC. But when does she take time out of her daily life  for herself?

The truth is she can revel in luxurious self-indulgence every day. When? While washing her hair. Encourage her to take a little extra time to enjoy the scent of her shampoo as she gently massages her scalp. Remind her of the cool, relaxing feel of conditioner as it sits on her hair—and how wonderful her ’do will look afterward. Although she may not achieve absolute enlightenment simply by sudsing her strands, these few extra moments that she sets aside each day will help her stay focused and more relaxed despite life’s constant bombardments—all while sporting great-looking hair to boot!

—Amy Dodds

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