Guy Tang Predicts 3 Fall Hair Color Trends

Fall Hair Color Trend: Light Copper
Fall Hair Color Trend: Light Copper
Courtesy of Guy Tang

Guy Tang, hair educator and owner of @Guy Tang #Mydentity, has released his thoughts on trending colors and how to achieve them this fall.

Light Coppera natural-looking medium copper tone with dimensional warm babylights or extremely blended highlights. "This color is perfect for someone who wants to brighten up their look for this fall season," says Tang.

Multidimensional Reddimensional red tones ranging from dark red to medium red copper with golden highlights. "Exploring different shades of red this fall season is a perfect way to add a multidimensional look to hair. These shades of red are a great fall option for light skin tones because the contrast enhances the rich color," says Tang.

Fall Hair Color Trend: Multidimensional RedFall Hair Color Trend: Multidimensional RedCourtesy of Guy Tang

Two-Toned Silver—a two-dimensional contrasting look using shades of gray/silver. "This look from #mydentifier Kim Pham is the perfect dark-toned hair color for fall! The light and dark contrast works for all skin tones and is a great way to be dark chic for the fall," says Tang. With black to dark brown hair, provide silver highlights. With lighter hair, provide dark lowlights with silver highlights. 

Fall Hair Color Trend: Two-toned SilverFall Hair Color Trend: Two-toned SilverCourtesy of Guy Tang

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