Fall's Hair Color Trend: Copp-Berry

Ashlee Simpson hair by Matt Rez
Ashlee Simpson hair by Matt Rez
Courtesy of Matt Rez, via Instagram @colorbymattrez

According to Matt Rez, Redken brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, copp-berry is going to be the “it” color of the upcoming fall season.

Matt Rez just transformed celebrity client Ashlee Simpson’s hair into this beautiful copp-berry shade.

According to Rez, “[This] look is the perfect marriage of copper with strawberry blonde pops. Fall is the perfect time to go for 'wanted warmth.' Orange and yellow-orange undertones in a reddish color are perfect for fall. If you want to go for a fall copper tone without changing your base permanently, a Redken Shades EQ Gloss can give you the vibe without the full commitment.”  

Here, Rez shares his color formula:

  • Ashlee’s natural virgin hair is a very unique blend of level 7 and 8–she’s what I would call a level 7.5.
  • Baby-light with Redken Chromatics clear and 10-volume developer as the highlight and shift the color to a level 8.5.
  • After removing Ashlee’s foils, I glossed her with Redken Shades EQ: 1.5 oz. of Shades EQ 08C + 1.5 oz. of Shades EQ 09AA + 1 oz. of Shades EQ Bonder Inside Crystal Clear + 12 g. of Shades EQ Orange Kicker for 10 minutes. I did this twice, as we decided we wanted more copper after the first time.   
  • It’s so important to add copper slowly–you can always add more. It’s harder to take it out if you end up doing too much. My motto is slow and steady when going warmer to give a client time to adjust. This will fade on tone as it’s not permanent color. The Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Crystal Clear helped to keep Ashlee’s hair super healthy during the transition, and her color is super reflective as the integrity of her cuticle was preserved with bonder.
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