How Pro Colorists Are Working with Balayage Techniques

Courtesy of @ashytones; Ashlie Marmo.
Courtesy of @ashytones; Ashlie Marmo.

You know rule followers; you probably love a few. They stay within the lines. They never jaywalk—even on an empty street. They listen dutifully during airplane safety speeches—every single time. And then you have the rule breakers. The disrupters. The ones who paint outside of the lines. They throw caution to the wind; they’re excited by the unexpected.

Colorists can certainly be both of the above. But balayage, the French-originated art of freehand “sweeping” on color, galvanizes even the most rigid of colorists to become one with their inner disruptor; it dissuades them from the confines of learned beauty school methodologies and forces them to think differently about color (how to work instinctually and creatively with darkness and light) all the while sparking seemingly nature-borne creations.

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