Perfecting Periwinkle Hair Color

@deathrayy_ / via Instagram
@deathrayy_ / via Instagram

With the “it” hue of 2022 declared, expect client requests for the lavender-blue color to soar through the roof. “There is something about this color that feels both edgy and sophisticated at the same time. I think it adds a nice pop to a wardrobe,” enthuses stylist Nina Smithe. “It has always been one of my favorite tones.”

Smithe, who created this lived-in Very Peri hair color, broke down how she achieved the look.

3 steps to the perfecting periwinkle 

Step 1: Start with a full foil highlight using Wella Professionals’ Blondor and 20-vol. developer.

Step 2: Tone with equal parts of the Redken shades 8VB (8VB Medium Cool Ash Blonde), 8T (Titanium) and half a capful of 1B (Onyx) for depth.

Step 3: Finish the look with an overlay using the Pulp Riot shades Nevermore, Lilac and Clear.

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