Benefit Your Wallet, Clients and the Environment With CLICS Color System

Courtesy of CLICS Color
Courtesy of CLICS Color

From unnecessary color waste to perfectly replicating formulas to costly inventory, stylists are faced with a unique set of challenges during a busy day at the salon.

To ease the burden of these obstacles, the CLICS system was created to be a precision program that takes the guesswork out of color formulation, including measuring, mixing and dispensing. With an innovative computer-controlled vending platform, the CLICS system allows hairdressers to create any shade of demi or permanent hair color with the touch of a button.

Beauty Launchpad caught up with Todd Tinnel, vice president of education and marketing at CLICS, to learn how this system can benefit hairdressers; what makes it unique to the industry; how the system has evolved to meet the needs of stylists in 2021; and how the system makes it easy for busy pros to be eco-friendly.

Beauty Launchpad (BLP): For those unfamiliar with CLICS, tell us about the system and how it can benefit hairdressers.

Todd Tinnel (TT): CLICS is the synergy of a high-performance, ammonia-free color line and industry-changing formulation and dispensing technology. Imagine having the creative freedom to design any demi or permanent shade with the touch of a button. CLICS’ app-based platform allows colorists to design shades and replicate them with precision.

CLICS precision dispensing also eliminates waste and automatically maintains color inventory, saving stylists and salons valuable time and money. Imagine never again running out of your favorite color.

The CLICS Colors system consists of 23 mixable vibrant shades plus developers, additives and cream lightener. CLICS Color is free of ammonia, PPD, parabens and silicones, and will leave the client’s hair in excellent condition after the service. Eliminating ammonia also creates a more comfortable service experience for the stylist and the client. All everyone will smell is CLICS’ aromatherapeutic lemongrass fragrance, not chemicals.

BLP: What makes CLICS different from other hair color systems currently on the market?

TT: In addition to the unsurpassed creative power of CLICS Color, we’ve also changed the model for how stylists and salon owners fund their business. CLICS is the only color system where you only pay for the color you dispense at the time you dispense it. So, no more investing thousands of dollars in color inventory that sits on a shelf until you use it. CLICS’ business-changing technology means the salon is paying for the color the day after the client is paying for their service.

Our cloud-based automated inventory also learns how much and how quickly you use color and will ensure that you have the product you need, when you need it. No more running out to a supply store or borrowing color in a panic.

BLP: When creating CLICS, what was the mission of the founder? How has it evolved over the years?

TT: CLICS co-founder Leilani Macedo is the visionary behind the brand. Her original mission was to solve several of the biggest challenges she faced as a long-time stylist and salon owner. These include color waste, costly and inefficient inventory, creativity being limited by pre-formulated tubes of color, challenges replicating formulas (resulting in mistakes and unhappy clients), and the huge impact the industry has on our planet.

After partnering with internet pioneer co-founder and CEO Charles Brown, Leilani’s original mission has only intensified. CLICS has continued to focus on solving those key industry challenges while also adding the integration of groundbreaking technologies CLICS has developed that will push the hair color industry in exciting new directions.

BLP: In recent years there has been a major push for salons to “go green.” How does CLICS make these eco-friendly efforts easier for busy stylists?

TT: Yes, there has. And for good reason. Every year, millions of color tubes are disposed in landfills. Tons of excess color is washed down the drain or dumped in landfills, which impacts our water supply. Forests of trees are used to create packaging around every individual color tube.

At CLICS, we aimed to solve these issues while still making it efficient for busy stylists and salons. We believe that caring for our environment is of extreme importance, but does not have to be difficult or add cost. All our color is packaged in recyclable canisters that can be placed in any neighborhood recycling program, no special shipping or treatment required. Since we don’t use color tubes, we also don’t have to package those tubes in paper-based boxes. We ship our canisters directly in efficient outer boxes, limiting our carbon footprint for packaging and transportation. Our digital dispensing platform makes it easy to maximize efficiency in color use with precise calibration and post-service weighing to ensure that stylists are only dispensing the amount of color they need for each client. In addition to saving stylists and salons time and money, this drastically reduces chemical waste.

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