Guy Tang Shares One-Step Process for Base Color and Gray Coverage

Grey Coverage

When coloring a client’s gray or white hair, root touch-ups are at the center of the entire process. Using his new launch #LiftMeUp, Guy Tang created this how-to video to demonstrate a one-step process for base color and gray coverage.

Check out the entire video and continue reading for the step-by-step instructions.

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Step 1: Base Formula

Mix these products to cover gray rootage.

Apply this formula at the parting where you see gray hair most. Make sure you apply the color immediately after mixing it. Move quickly and cross-check your coverage when done.

Step 2: Highlight Formula 

Mix these products for the highlights. 

Step 3: Lowlight Formula

Mix these products for the lowlights.

Step 4:

Part hair with thin rat-tail comb and apply highlight formula over base color. Use different color foils to distinguish between the highlight and lowlight formulas.

Step 5:

Apply the lowlight formula on a section of hair right above the highlighted section. Use a different color foil. Leave a small portion of hair in between the highlighted and lowlighted sections to maintain a base formula layer.

 Step 6:

Repeat foilling until you reach the top.

 Step 7 (Midnight Formula): 

 Mix these products for the midlight formula.

Apply this formula to the base color layers left outside the highlight/lowlight foils.

Step 8:

Let the color process for 30 minutes. 

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