[GIVEAWAY] Meet Color Space™: The New Hair Color Brand By Ray Civello And Lupe Voss

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Made by hairstylists, for hairstylists. That’s the core of Color Space™, a hair color brand created by industry veterans Ray Civello and Lupe Voss with an immersive education program and products specifically designed to generate better value for salon owners and professionals.

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Designed with cutting-edge color research from a top color professor at a leading Italian University, products are scientifically calibrated on a true level and tone scale, allowing stylists and colorists to get the exact color they want every time, even when personalizing formulas, creating precise results and saving on inventory.

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“The science behind these products is what truly sets them apart in the industry. Color Space™ isn’t just hair color – what we’ve created is calculated and calibrated,” said Lupe Voss, Co-Founder of Color Space™. “The quality and performance are truly unbeatable, and we are so excited to share this line with the stylist and colorist community.”

Color Space™ features ammonia and ammonia-free permanent color lines, powder lighteners, developers, a bonding & restructuring treatment and an oxidization stopper cuticle sealant. You can check out all of their products at colorspacehair.com.

Voss is also heading up Color Space™’s education team: CS Ed.

“I’ve always been an advocate for how crucial education is to color excellence,” said Voss. “Education is the beating heart of Color Space™. With CS Ed., we reimagined education with the necessary tools and technologies to give creators consistent results. From teaching the science of how we see color, to guidance on using the first-ever fully calibrated color products, our resources paired with our educational program will enable salon professionals to get consistent positive results for their clients every single time.”

Beyond incredible products and education, Color Space™ is also focused on helping salons become more profitable. With direct-to-salon sales, offering refills on select SKUs, and 120ml tubes that are up to 50% bigger than the leading competitor, Color Space is helping salons increase their bottom line while also generating less waste for the environment.

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“Lupe and I didn’t create Color Space™ to just make another color line – we’re here to inspire change in the color industry,” said Ray Civello, Co-Founder of Color Space™. “Color Space™ will be a partner to salons by helping them excel as a business – providing top-tier education for stylists and owners, designing higher quality products that increase profitability and bringing our passion and experience in the industry to help solve the challenges of our customers.”

Salons interested in carrying Color Space™ products can reach out by emailing [email protected] or by calling 1-800-217-1491.

To learn more about Color Space™, visit www.colorspacehair.com and follow @Colorspace_hair on social media.



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