Framesi Presents a Girl in a "Gangster Story" Collection

Framesi Hair Style

For this month's The Colorist cover, Framesi introduces a girl in a "Gangster Story" whose flair for retro style meets her desire for refinement. Here's how to get the look.

Framesi Products

Key Products Include:

  • Ddecolor B Cream Plus
  • BY Mist Hair Spray Light
  • Framcolor 2001 Intense
  • Professional Activator 20-Vol Developer

Framesi Gangster

Get the Look


Step 1: Prelighten hair to Level 8 (yellow/orange) with framesi DECOLOR B CREAM PLUS.

Step 2: Color roots with framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE 5.055 (30g./1oz.) + framesi PROFESSIONAL ACTIVATOR 20- vol. Developer (60g./2oz.). Psst: FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE processes in half the traditional time.

Step 3: Color lengths with framesi 2001 LIGHT&SHINE 7.55 (20g./ / oz.) + 6.56 (10g./ / oz.) and no activator.


Step 1: Apply framesi BY Glaze onto the fringe, create a finger wave, pin it and blow-dry with a diffuser.

Step 2: Apply framesi BY Mist Hair Spray Light onto the remaining hair and blow-dry softly while flipping the ends toward the face.

Step 3: Re ne the waves with a styling iron, and then brush the hair to make the volume look more natural.

Colorist Framesi Cover


[Images: Hair Teams: Italian Style Energy and Italian Style Framesi; Makeup: Silvia Dell'orto and Giuseppe Giarratana; Photographer: Karel Losenicky; Courtesy of Framesi]

This story first appeared in the December issue of Beauty Launchpad in The Colorist section. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

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