Anna Cantu's Majestic Melding of Mauve-To-Violet Project

Violet Hair

When Farouk Systems global board artist and educator Anna Cantu dreamt up this intersection of purple, where delicate mauve melts into vivid lavender and amethyst, she let the haircolor speak to her—and one swath of color, a brilliant violet, transported her to another galaxy. “This look wasn’t at all planned, but this particular violet shade inspired kind of an astral feel that we wanted to just have some fun with,” she shares of the towering ball of color she styled, which she calls an homage to space-age science fiction. Depending on how Cantu fashions her color creation, the model ably shape- shifts between intergalactic beauty and romantic daydreamer—a stunning fluidity made possible by smart color placement.

Get the Look

Pre-Lightening Formula: Equal parts CHI Infra High Lift BB + CB and 20-vol. Color Generator (tone with CHI Color Illuminate Platinum if needed)

Shadow Root Formula: 1 oz. CHI Shine Shades Clear + 1⁄2 oz. 4V + equal parts CHI 10-vol. Color Generator

Formula 3: 1 oz. CHI Shine Shades 10S + 1 cap Violet Additive + equal parts CHI 10-vol. Color Generator

Formula 4: 1⁄2 oz. CHI Shine Shades 8V + 1⁄2 oz. Clear + 1⁄2 oz. Blue Additive + equal parts CHI 10-vol. Color Generator

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1) Prep pre-lightened hair with CHI Keratin Mist.

2) Create an arc parting from the fringe to the nape; clip away and repeat on the opposite side.

3) Apply the Shadow Root Formula to the root area, starting below the arc. Take vertical sections and feather the color into the subsection working toward the mid-shafts.

4) Continue with Step 3 up toward the front perimeter and around the hairline. Tip! By using a few sheets of cellophane wrap to cover the first color, you can lock in moisture and avoid color transferring to other strands.

5) Apply Shadow Root Formula around the perimeter of the middle section.

6) A Create arc subsections using the feathering technique. Saturate the strands on both sides. Repeat this technique, from the back of the fringe to the crown area.

6) B Using a color board and brush, pull the hair color through to the ends, alternating between the Shadow Root Formula, Formula 3 and Formula 4.

7) Continue with the same two formulas and repeat the techniques from Step 6B throughout the parietal ridge. 

8) A Once you reach the apex, gently feather the Shadow Root Formula further down the hair strand to the mid-shaft. Then repeat Step 6B throughout the crown and apex area.

8) B Create a thin horizontal section and apply the Shadow Root Formula to the fringe using techniques from steps 8A and 8B.

9) In the back, take long reverse diagonal parts from the occipital bone to the crown. Then use the weaving and slicing technique as you alternate between Steps 6A and 6B.

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Shampooing Technique

1) Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear and remove any excess water from the hair.

2) A Apply 1 oz. of CHI ChromaShine Viva Violet into a color bowl with equal parts water and mix thoroughly with your ngers.

2) B Apply the formula to the hair, gently run your hands through and rinse immediately.

3) Shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Apply CHI Color Lock Treatment to the hair for ve minutes, then rinse again.

4) Blow-dry and style as desired.


[Image: Courtesy of Farouk Systems; Hair: Anna Cantu for CHI; Photographer: Mohammed Ghanayem; Makeup: Jannette Marin]


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