How to Get the Look: Femme Phoenix by Hannah Edelman


Meet the Femme Phoenix – brought to you by PRAVANA Guest Artist Hannah Edelman, owner of Brush in Hand NYC. Using custom VIVIDS formulas, Hannah created these extraordinary, vibrant shades that come alive in front of the camera. Together with an all-female team of artists, this collection of retro-inspired looks ignite a passion for gorgeous reds and creative VIVIDS colors. See the below formulas to recreate the look!

Root Formula

  • 20g VIVIDS Orange
  • 15g VIVIDS Neon Orange
  • 5g VIVIDS Red
  • 5g VIVIDS Green
  • 1g VIVIDS Violet
  • 1g VIVIDS Black (additive)

 Formula A

  • 40g VIVIDS Neon Orange
  • 10g VIVIDS Orange
  • 3g VIVIDS Red

 Formula B

  • 40g VIVIDS Yellow
  • 2g of Root Formula


 Formula C

  • 40g VIVIDS Magenta
  • 5g VIVIDS Red
  • 5g VIVIDS Orange
  • 2g VIVIDS Neon Orange

 Formula D

  • 40g VIVIDS Too Cute Coral
  • 2g VIVIDS Neon Orange
  • 1g VIVIDS Neon Yellow

 Formula E

  • 20g VIVIDS Pink
  • 20g VIVIDS Too Cute Coral
  • 2g VIVIDS Neon Orange

Photo Credits:
Make Up Artist: Vivian Wang
Wardrobe: Sarah-Waites Turner
Photographer: Ligeia Moltisanti
Model: Hillary Manning
Hair Color / Styling: Hannah Edelman

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