How to Get the Look: Butterfly Ink by Kirstin Forbes

Butterfly Ink 2

Butterfly Ink 1

PRAVANA is always at the forefront of color. With the Color Collective and their line of VIVIDS, it feels like the creativity never stops.

Butterfly Ink 2

This look, Butterfly Ink, was created by this year's SHOW US YOUR VIVIDS winner, Kirstin Forbes. Her imagination took flight and she created this unique butterfly pattern effect. Combining forces with makeup artist and MELT Cosmetics CEO Lora Arellano, photographer Maggie West and the PRAVANA team, this multicolor stunner emerged.

Stylist: Kirstin Forbes
Model: Lacey Walker
MUA: Lora Arellano
Photographer: Maggie West
Videographer: Huck Hinshaw
Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet

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