Hair Color How To: The Burnt Ends Collection by be Clarked

About a decade ago, the rage was all about coloring the bottom section of the hair dark. Then it slowly started transitioning to balayaging highlights, and then to ombre with darker roots that were smudged into lighter ends. Bringing a new collection forward for Summer of 2013, be Clarked professional luxury hair care launched a new series called Burnt Ends, which marries many of the color trends brought forth in the past decade.

Image courtesy of Clark Russell/be Clarked

“Burnt Ends” is a high contrast color fusion, focusing on a lighter base with a more blunt fusion of intense color burned into the ends. To coincide with the color collection, the be Clarked design team also created fusion haircuts with razor cutting and texture blends with heat styling. Learn how the be Clarked team created the looks below:

Blue Burnt Ends Collection
The model came in with a natural level 4, but had attempted highlighting her own hair, thus having natural roots, yellow roots and a level 7 orange on the ends. We knew we wanted to take the model short and disconnected with her cut, so we wanted to create that same vision of boldness with her color. Using Framesi D Colour B Crème Bleach for the scalp with Proxima 20 volume developer, Clark Russell lightened from her roots to three inches down her hair to obtain a pale blonde. After rinsing, Clark then highlighted the top horseshoe section of her hair with Framesi Diamond Bleach and Proxima 20 Volume Developer. Her ends were not quite as white as he had wanted so we toned her with Framesi Framcolor 2001 with 20 cc of ESC and 5 cc 11A with Proxima 15 Volume Developer. After shampooing, Clark Russell mixed the burnt blue tones. Clark first applied Pravana Pastel Blissful Blue in an ombre application to blend with the pale blonde with Pravana Vivids Blue then burnt the end with 5cc Framesi 1NB with Proxima 15 volume.

We then rinsed and conditioned with be Clarked “revive” argan oil conditioner, rinsed and applied be Clarked “straighten up” leave in conditioner and smoothing balm and dried her hair. For the haircut, be Clarked Design Team member Jon Clifford, began her edgy haircut. Jon first sectioned off the top horseshoe section of her hair, and began tightly sculpting the back with a razor. Afterwards, Jon did an over directed point cut starting from the occipital forward through the crown at a 45 degree angle. We then sprayed be Clarked “arrogance” three in one hairspray on the medium setting to style the hair into place. The “arrogance” three in one hairspray created shine, hold and most of all fantastic color protection.

Green Burnt Ends Collection
This particular model came in with chunky highlights over golden blonde hair and had very little depth to her color. The design team knew that they wanted to incorporate some fun burnt ends color, but still keep her color somewhat conservative to appeal to the corporate world. Starting with the base color first, Clark Russell sectioned out a triangle on the fringe area and burnt the models roots using a rich warm color mixture of Framesi Framcolor 2001 20cc 4W and 10cc 3N with Proxima 15 Volume Developer. He then Balayaged the color through in an ombre technique to add dimension. After, he then paneled the sectioned triangle fringe with Framesi Diamond Bleach with Proxima 25 Volume Developer. After rinsing, be Clarked design team member Jeffrey Lotspeich burnt the front triangle pre-lightened section using Pravana. The top two panels he burned with a Pravana Vivids Yellow to a Pravana Pastels Mystical Mint. The front two fringe panels were burnt from a Pravana Pastels Blissful
Blue and burning with a Pravana Vivids Blue. In between he did two more panels of each, leaving the ends blonde for contrast. Clark Russell then burned the roots with the Framesi Framcolor 2001 20cc 4W and 10cc 3N with Proxima 15 Volume Developer. After processing, the model was shampooed with be Clarked “revive” anti- aging argan oil shampoo and conditioner, and was styled using “straighten up”leave in conditioner and smoothing balm and “shine envy” argan oil serum.

Design Team member and Educator Jon Clifford, then started on a dry cut on the model. Using an Ergo Hot Razor, Jon created a rounded razor cut bob . Clark Russell then flat ironed with an IZUNAMI flat iron and styled the hair setting it into place using the “arrogance” three in one hairspray on the light setting.

Orange Burnt Ends
This model had a great base, but needed to be richened up. To richen up her color, Clark Russell used Pravana Vivids Orange on the roots, then burned her hair by melting Framesi Eclectic 8RDE and 6RDE with Extra Developer and burnt the ends using Framesi Eclectic 5ME with Basic Developer.

After processing, the model was shampooed with be Clarked “revive” anti-aging argan oil shampoo and conditioner. She was then dried using the be Clarked “straighten up” leave in conditioner and smoothing balm. To style, Clark Russell and Design Team Member Jefrrey Lotspeich set a wave in her hair using a crimping iron and be Clarked “arrogance” three in one hairspray on the medium setting. After crimp waving all of the hair, the hair was combed through with fingers. The top half of the area was smooth and pinned with bobby pins and the bottom have was teased for texture and finished with “arrogance” three in one hairspray on the hard hold finish setting.

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