OYA Balayage Transformation by Becky Riggs

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Stylist Becky Riggs from BJ Grand Salon in Springfield, Illinois shares how she created this striking color transformation using OYA products. The process took two appointments, but the gorgeous results prove that it was worth every minute!

Appointment 1

1. I started off with 1 clarifying shampoo, following with 1 modulate (color remover) under a dryer for 20 min.
2. Next I did 5 shampoos, scrubbing off old residual color. Client was at a level 5 orange. It Looked "raw" all over like a rust color from using the modulate.
3.  Coloring time!  

Formula: Color Correction
Base: Demi 40g 5-0, 20g 6.01. 5vol. Feathered base down into mid-lengths.
Mid length formula: Demi: 5g blue concentrate, =parts (30g) 8.01 and 7-0 (30g). 5vol.
Ends: balayage Oya lightener with 30 vol. equal parts (remixing every 20 min)

Toned using Demi: 5g blue concentrate 40g 8.0, 10 g clear.
15-20min air process at bowl.

Second Appointment:
Jenn had the same goals of level 9 blonde Balayage with a brown smokey root.

Formula: Full foil an inch away from the root with OYA lightener and 20 vol. 2:1 ratio
In between foils, I  Balayaged OYA lightener and 40vol = parts with colorwatch. (colorwatch is comparable to Olaplex). I then processed air temperature for 20 min.

Rinse. Colorwatch step 2. Tone.

Toner formula:
Mixed 2 separate bowls for toning.
Bowl 1 for base-midlengths: demi: 3 g blue concentrate,10 g violet concentrate, 40g 7-0,10g 8.01.
Bowl 2 for mid-end lengths. Demi: 20g violet concentrate, 40 g 10.01.
10 min air process.

Balayage Oya Makeover

[Images courtesy of Becky Riggs]

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