Get the Look: Purple Passion by Kimemily Pham

Image courtesy of Kimemily Pham

Hairstylist Kimemily Pham recently helped transform her client from grown-out ombré to this gorgeous purple hair color. Pastel shades of dusty lavender and blue mingle with pops of violet and muted magenta for a stunning, multidimensional look. Recreate this on-trend color with Kimemily's formulas and how-to, below!

Image courtesy of Kimemily Pham

Get the Look:
"My client had an eight-month-old new-growth at a natural level 2," says Kimemily. "[For this look], I took back-to-back slices, starting at the nape first.

1. "Apply Joico Creme Lightener + 20 vol. at the new-growth. Increase to 30 vol. towards the top. Let process at room temperature for 1 1/2 hours.

2. "Refresh the previously lightened hair with 20 vol. + Olaplex; process for 15 minutes.

3. "Rinse, shampoo with Joico purple shampoo. Then, dry completely.

4. "Apply Kenra Guy Tang's Favorites Metallic Demi Color at the new-growth. Shadow base with: 8sm 2oz + 1/4oz blue booster + 4 1/4oz of 9vol. developer - stretch out 3 inches. Melt down to zone 2 and 3; alternate with:

  • 9vm 1oz + blue booster 1-inch ribbon + 2oz 9 volume
  • 10sm 1oz + 1-inch ribbon blue booster + 2oz 9 volume  
  • Creative Color in teal 1oz + 1/2 oz yellow  
  • Creative Color violet 1oz + 1oz 10sm + 2oz 9 volume
  • Creative Color pink 1oz + 10sm 1oz + 2oz 9 volume

5. "Process for 40 minutes.

6. "Then, [I] asked her to come back in the next day. [During the second visit], overlay the entire hair, concentrating around the front, with Kenra Creative Color violet 2oz + Olaplex 2oz on damp hair. Process for 15 minutes. 

7. "Rinse well, treat with Olaplex, dry, and style the hair with a 1-inch wand."

Image courtesy of Kimemily PhamImage courtesy of Kimemily PhamImage courtesy of Kimemily Pham

For more from Kimemily, follow her on Instagram @excellenthairsalon.

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