Haircolor How To: Organized Chaos Iridescent Color



While researching iridescent hair color, Leslie Cook, stylist at Tangles Salon in Wichita Falls, TX, came across a pictures of an opal and immediately began testing color placements, which evolved into her organized chaos color.

"I discovered that iridescence is created by light waves that interfere with one another, so I devised a formula that created the appearance of iridescence with constructive placements of light, dark, bright and pastel colors,” says Cook.

Background Foundation: Goldwell Topchic
Retouch: 20vol 40ml 5BG 20ml 4MG 20ml
Mids/Ends (on previously lightened hair): 20vol 30ml 8G 30ml
Opal Effect (on level 10 blonde): Goldwell Elumen Turquoise - SB@10 + Clear + Tq@all; Deep Blue - NA@8 + Bl@all + NA@2; Pink - AB@9 + Pk@all; Soft Mint SB@10 + NA@8 + Gn@all

Hair: Leslie Cook
Photography: Tom Carson
Makeup: Betty Mkinnon
Styling: Cannon Media Group

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