Hair Color How To: Magical Mint by Amanda Harsche

Magical Mint Image courtesy of Amanda Harsche

Hairstylist Amanda Harsche of Cuts N Curls in Marietta, OH recently helped a client transform her look. "My client usually goes for the 'white as possible with a hint of grey' look," says Harsche. "When her new growth would come in, she couldn't stand it, so I wanted to create something edgy but a little more manageable. We decided to stretch her new growth and give her a customized PRAVANA VIVIDS color."

Image courtesy of Amanda Harsche Before

Get the Look:

  1. Shadow root: Says Harsche, "I used PRAVANA Chromasilk 7.11 and did a staggered new growth application. I then rinsed and towel-dried.
  2. "To even up the porosity of her hair, I wanted to follow up with a PRAVANA Silk degrees treatment. I mixed 1.5 ounces of the Silk Degrees with about 4 pumps of the Silk Degrees Shine Serum. I applied to her hair and then put a cap on her and put her under the dryer for 20 minutes. I then rinsed her hair and applied 4 more pumps of the Silk Degrees Shine Serum to her hair and dried completely.
  3. "Customize PRAVANA mix! For this, I mixed 4 ounces of PRAVANA Mystical Mint with .25 ounce PRAVANA Green and a ribbon of PRAVANA Silver. I applied with a brush and bowl on her hair and processed for 20 minutes.
  4. "I rinsed her hair until the water ran clear and then conditioned her hair. I learned that if you don't shampoo [the color] tends to last longer. After trimming up her undercut she was ready to go!"

After Image courtesy of Amanda Harsche

Adds Harsche, "With her shadow root she can keep that growing out a bit more and we can change up her VIVIDS color without having her new growth bother her so much. So we will let the green fade and then decide a new fun customized color for next time!"

For more from Harsche, follow her on Instagram @mandaharsche.

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