Haircolor How To: Mermaid Waves by Jaymz Marsters


Hairstylist Jaymz Marsters recently created this gorgeous blue-green haircolor for his client. Below, he shares his formula and technique so that you can recreate the mermaid-inspired look for your own guest!

Get the Look:
1. Says Jaymz, "Using Igora Vario Blonde with 10 vol., I started by lifting my clients hair from a base 8 to a base 10 throughout the whole head, starting with the mid-lengths and ends, then moving on to the root area.

2. "I let it develop for 30 minutes, then shampooed with a violet-based shampoo and pre-color shampoo to neutralize and prep the hair to be ready for the direct colors.

3. "On dry hair I applied Crazy Colour Lime Twist with Canary Yellow in a 5:1 ratio to the first 2 inches. Using clean gloves, I smudged the color onto the mid-lengths by another 2 inches, avoid getting color onto the ends.

4. "For my mid-length color I combined Crazy Colour Lime Twist & Bubblegum Blue in a 1:2 ratio. Using clean hands and tint brush, I applied the color to the hair, leaving out 3 inches on the very ends and a 1-inch gap between the previous root shade. Once applied, I smudged the two colors together to create a seamless blend. Remember to blend the lighter shades down so you do not get dark spots in the lighter color.

5. "For my end color I mixed Directions Turquoise and Midnight Blue in a 6:1 ratio. I applied it to ends and smudged down the color from the mid-lengths to create a seamless blend.

6. "I let it develop for 30 minutes, then rinsed in cold water and conditioned as normal."


For more from Jaymz, follow him on Instagram @jaymzcutshair!

[Image courtesy of Jaymz Marsters via Facebook]

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