Hair Color How To: Dark Berry Melt and Pink Rush by Ashley Spangenberg


As the winner of the Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity “Extreme Colorist” competition, Ashley Spangenberg won a colorist’s dream — the chance to be one of the first to get creative with the two newest shades in the Intensity collection. The result is a mini-shoot featuring new Vero K-PAK Color Intensity shades Hot Pink and Soft Pink — a rosy riot of the two cheery hues.

Ashley was one of a group of Joico Advisors handpicked to enter the challenge. She was invited to create a 90-second video focused on the Intensity shades and demonstrating an Intensity makeover. The judges, Joico Vero K-PAK Color International Artistic Director Sue Pemberton, and Joico International Guest Artist Liza Espinoza and Joico Guest Artist Cherry Petenbrink, loved Ashley’s “Dark Berry Melt," a dramatic combination of Intensity “Crystallize Collection” shades launched in January 2015: Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red and Amethyst Purple.

To create her winning entry, Ashley used the following Joico formulas*:

Base: Vero K-PAK Chrome 1/3 N1, 1/3 V4, 1/3 RB + 2 parts Vero K-PAK Chrome Activator Accents:
Intensity Formula 1: 1/2 Magenta + 1/2 Ruby Red
Intensity Formula 2: Sapphire Blue
Intensity Formula 3: Amethyst Purple

*To get Ashley’s full formula and application step-by-step on this color-look go to:

Says Ashley, "We work with [Intensity shades] constantly. I love that they’re intermixable, and what you see is what you get. All you have to do is swatch your formula on a piece of white paper to see the result. And in my experience they’re some of longest-lasting direct dyes available in the industry today, that also leave hair in the healthiest condition!”

Once Ashley was notified of her win — and was sent amazing prizes like an iPad Mini and 24 tubes of Intensity - she was invited to create another shoot to showcase the two new Intensity pink shades. “They gave me the colors, a budget and unlimited creative freedom,” Ashley says.

Mindful of the gradating pattern of a rose petal - deeper at the base and gradually lightening toward the ends — Ashley created this vivid yet feminine combination of pink hues on a rosy violet base.

To create her “Pink Rush” look she used the following Joico formulas:

Base: Joico Vero K-PAK Color 4VR + 10-volume developer
Accents: Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity Hot Pink and Soft Pink

The model began as a natural Level 5 with regrowth and faded mauve and blonde highlights. After pre-lightening, Ashley applied the base shade to the new growth for a modern, “rooty” effect, then applied the two pink shades in alternating sections — horizontal in back and vertical in front around the face. Some sections were solid and some were blends of the two pink shades, Hot Pink at the base melting into the pastel Soft Pink. “I was trying to interpret a sun-kissed effect using shades of pink,” Ashley explains, “so I wanted the hair below the occipital to be lighter.”

“This was the first photo shoot that I was responsible for,” Ashely says. “I couldn’t be more excited and thankful to Joico for this opportunity!”

Dark Berry Melt Photo Credits
Photographer: Wes Fisher
Haircolor: Ashley Spangenberg
Hairstyling: Whitney Madderom
Makeup: Sandi Jarquin

Pink Rush Photo Credits:
Photographer: Wes Fisher
Haircolor: Ashley Spangenberg
Hairstyling: Whitney Madderom
Makeup: Amie Lapray

[Images courtesy of Joico]

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