Hair Color How To: Electric Scarlett by Colette Jones


"Sometimes it is super fun to find a client who is willing to play with color and step over to a more daring and playful look, and then end the session in a mini salon photo shoot," says Colette Jones, owner of Giddy Up Salon and Spa in Okanogan, WA. One of Jones’ recent clients had several home applications of different DIY colors, so Jones decolorized the hair from mid-length to ends and then used Goldwell Topchic and Colorance to color balance and create an electric scarlet color. Recreate this fiery look with her how-to, below!

1. Use 1 scoop of Goldwell Silk Lift Strong + 35mL 20 vol. and 2 pumps of Intensive Conditioning Serum, applied in a compact foil application.

2. Mix several batches of Silk Lift and apply about 2 inches off the scalp, making sure not to apply to new growth.

3. Process and shampoo with Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop and then apply Color Detangling Conditioner.

4. At the shampoo bowl, mix 30mL 20 vol. Goldwell Silk Lift Developer, 30mL distilled water, 1 level scoop of Goldwell Silk Lift Strong, 5mL Goldwell Dualsenses Color Shampoo and 15mL Goldwell Dualsenses Detangling Conditioner. Apply to the darker areas, massaging into mid-lengths to ends, and process until tones shift to match mid-lengths of hair shaft.

5. Shampoo and condition again, and, after drying hair, mist with Goldwell Colorglow IQ Equalizer Spray and apply Goldwell Topchic formula: Electric Scarlet (below).

Background Foundation (new growth): Goldwell Topchic
40mL - 20 vol.
17mL - 7RR Max
17mL - 7RO Max
6mL - R-mix

Mid-Lengths to Ends: Goldwell Topchic
40mL - 30 vol
15mL - 7RR
15mL - 7RO
5mL - R-mix
5mL – Goldwell Blonding Cream

6. Shampoo and condition. Apply a pump of the Goldwell Elixir Versatile Oil Treatment. Let air dry, then style as desired.

Photo Shoot
The photo shoot was done in the break room using extra lights and a white wall. "Practicing your photography and makeup skills is a must when you have limited resources; it also helps you to understand all aspects of the shoot," says Jones. "Our salon has done a few shoots over the past 2 years and each time we learn more and more."

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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