Watch! How To Color Block by Danny Moon


First, there was Sand Art hair and now, for those looking for a variation of this summer’s hottest rainbow hair color trend, PRAVANA has introduced Color Block using the new VIVIDS LOCKED-IN colors.

Utilizing the talent of celebrity colorist and PRAVANA guest stylist Danny Moon, PRAVANA’s Color Block shows how the technology used to create PRAVANA’s new VIVIDS LOCKED-IN line makes it possible to use creative colors without the fear of transfer or bleeding into one another. LOCKED-IN offers increased freedom to colorists to truly explore creative hair painting with nearly endless possibilities, and opens the doors to even greater, more imaginative ideas for those looking to embrace rainbow hair.

To see how this was created, check out the video below:

Colorist: Danny Moon (@majormoonn)
Stylist: Lara Kay (@larackay)
Model: Alexis Cutler (@acutler9)
Photographer: Joshua McCaghren (@joshuamccaghren)
Videographer: Huck Hinshaw (@pleasantlycavingin)
Makeup: Karen Sarahi Gonzalez (@iluvsarahii)
Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet (@caisadilla)

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