Hair Color How To: Tie-Dye Highlights by Ali Boone


Hairstylist Ali Boone recently helped her client achieve this rich, chocolate hair color with multicolored, peek-a-boo highlights. The vibrant pops of violet, magenta and pink add the perfect touch of creative color for a fun tie-dye effect. Below, Ali shares her how-to so you can recreate this look for your own client.

Get the Look:

  • Formula 1: 1 part PRAVANA 5.11 AA and 1 part 4N and 10 vol.
  • Formula 2: PRAVANA Violet and Wild Orchid
  • Formula 3: Joico Magenta and Pink
  • Formula 4: Flash Lift and 30 vol. with Olaplex


  1. Says Ali, "I first took a thin halo section from the top of the head and pinned away. I took three triangle sections underneath the halo, one on each side and one in the back, and lightened them with Formula 4.
  2. "I then did an all-over color on the remaining hair with Formula 1 and let process for 30 minutes.
  3. "I rinsed, shampooed and dried hair until 100% dry. I then took the three triangle sections and did my tie-dye technique by melting the two colors together, Formula 2 and 3, making sure they are melted together thoroughly so there are no lines and it blended well (creating the tie-dye look).
  4. "Processed for 20 minutes, rinsed thoroughly and only conditioned, cut, blew her out and styled!"

For more from Ali, follow her on Instagram @smokedlacehair.

[Images courtesy of Ali Boone]

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