Hair Color How To: Fuchsia Flower by Amber Kelley


Hairstylist Amber Kelley was inspired by the beauty of nature when creating this gorgeous, multi-colored hue for her client. Pops of fiery orange and red blend perfectly with vibrant violet and magenta strands for a final result that's simply stunning. Says Amber, "I posted on my business Facebook page looking for someone who would let me have free reign with the color. This client contacted me and was the perfect candidate! She was getting out of the corporate world and wanted something completely different. I'm always inspired by colors in nature, especially the colors of flowers and how they can be contrasting yet fluid. I found this lily and knew the color would be perfect!"

Below, Amber shares her how-to so you can recreate the look for your own client.

Get the Look:

Says Amber, "My client came in with six months of re-growth, level 5/6, and the rest was a faded red-brown, level 5/6.

  1. "I used 50 vol. L'Oréal Infinie Platine with Olaplex and applied to her colored mid-shaft and ends, covered and let process for 15 minutes.
  2. "I then mixed another batch of Lightener 40 vol. with Olaplex and applied 1/8-inch away from scalp to previous lightened hair, then with remainder of lightener and applied on scalp.
  3. "I covered hair again and let process for about 20-30 minutes until I had achieved a level 9/10.
  4. "I rinsed hair thoroughly and applied Olaplex #2 and let sit for 15 minutes. I rinsed and lightly shampooed and conditioned with L'Oréal Absolut Repair.
  5. "I dried the hair completely and cut, giving her a slightly asymmetrical bob.
  6. "Next, I sectioned her into 4 quadrants off her part.
  7. "I began in the back and painted large vertical slices under the occipital bone using Joico Color Intensity Orange and Yellow alternating and melting. Some were solid yellow, some solid orange and others I melted from orange at the root to yellow at the ends.
  8. "From the occipital bone up, I took horizontal and diagonal 1/2-inch sections and colored the roots with 1 part Joico Color Intensity Amethyst to 1 part Joico Color Intensity Magenta melting into the Orange and Yellow.
  9. "Every 3 to 4 sections I would weave out a solid yellow, orange or yellow and orange piece and what was left out of that weave I painted the root color to mid-lengths, blending with just the Amethyst.
  10. "I followed the same pattern on the whole head and when I reached the top and crown I used the Amethyst and Magenta root formula from root to ends occasionally tipping with just the Amethyst.
  11. "I let the color process for 45 minutes, then rinsed with cold water, shampooed and styled!


For more from Amber, follow her on Instagram @dawnrose22.

[Images courtesy of Amber Kelley]

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