Hair Color How To: Strawberry Red by Shonda Broadus

After1 4Shonda Broadus, stylist at Color Me RAD Salon, recently transformed her client from brown box color to this vibrant shade of strawberry red. Says Shonda, "My client has always wanted to try fashion shades but was always a little nervous. She's typically a red-brown (box) color and I wanted to show her that with the right fashion shades not only would she look great with it, she'd LOVE it!"


Get the Look:
1. Says Shonda, "I lifted her mid shaft/ends with Wella Blondor and 20 vol. for 40 minutes.

2. "After rinsing she was a brassy level 8/9 with a little red left so I decided to lift her one more time using Matrix V-Light and 20 vol. for another 30 minutes. (She was now a pale yellow level 10.)

3. "Matrix V-Light and 20 vol. was applied to her roots for 30 min then she was rinsed, shampooed/conditioned and 80% blown dry.

4. "I then applied a custom mix of Joico Red/PRAVANA Red on the roots, combed it through and proceeded to apply a mix of Joico Magenta and Red throughout the hair. When I got to the back section I decided to add PRAVANA Orange on random tips and throughout the back (20 minute process).

5. "She was rinsed/shampooed with PRAVANA VIVIDS shampoo/conditioner. I then trimmed about an inch and a half added layers and used Verb Ghost Oil to blowout/style.

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[Images courtesy of Shonda Broadus]

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