Hair Color How To: Radiant Red by Fawn Anne

With spring just on the horizon, many clients are seeking lighter, blonder shades, but why not go for something a little more bold? Like fields of spring flowers, or a fiery summer sunset, there's no bad time to help your guest unleash her inner redhead. Hair colorist Fawn Anne (Instagram @your_face_in_vain) recently mixed things up with this rich, red hair color that's equal parts bold and beautiful. Below, she shares the steps she took to create this look.

Get the Look:
1. Balayage or foil to pre-lighten hair to level 8 using TIGI True White Lightener + 30 volume. Apply with heavier saturation at the ends and feather to the top to create a seamless ombre.

2. Shampoo and blow-dry

3. Use TIGI Copyright Colour (copyright©olour)

  • 3 parts 77/66 Gloss
  • 1 part 7/2 Gloss
  • 1 inch of 55/22 Creative
  • 5 volume

Apply formula from the roots to ends.

4. Process for 30 minutes, shampoo and blow-dry.

*TIGI Copyright Gloss and Creative Colour are formulated to be intermixed if desired.

[Image courtesy of Fawn Anne]

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